Heal Your Injuries  “I started with Simmin as a beginner about two years ago, coping with a number of chronic injuries, and she’s guided me to new physical possibilities with her deep knowledge of therapeutic yoga and focus on gentle adjustments and alternative poses.” R.R

Cultivate Emotional Well-Being   “I started individual yoga classes with Simmin six weeks after the sudden death of my husband. I didn’t feel like I could breath, didn’t know how to face the world. Simmin accurately assessed both my physical and emotional states and knew exactly how to work with me. I immediately felt some relief, my heart opened a little, and I felt a little stronger to face the challenges ahead of me. Nine months later, I am physically and emotionally much stronger and more flexible. I am able to see the world from different perspectives and face the future with anticipation and an open heart. “ L.D.

Yoga for YOUR Body   “Simmin Joy is a treasure. I’ve taken her Yoga class and done private yoga work with her, and have learned much about the practice and care for my own body (and mind), and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. And this is coming from an avid sports fan with a bad back who generally “gets ansty” during Yoga classes. Highly recommended, no matter your prior experience (or, like me, lack thereof) with Yoga.” Noah K.

Attune To Your Needs   “Simmin listens carefully and helps me target areas of my practice that I both want and need to improve to strengthen my practice. Thanks to Simmin, I’m now devoted to my own regular yoga practice and as a result I’m more in tune with my body than I have ever been before.” Margaret P.

Feel A Sense of Connection and Freedom   “Simmin is a wonderful teacher. Her gentle discipline and playful instruction have allowed me to deepen my physical practice and access better alignment. Her generous teachings have also guided my heart to a more devotional practice through which I have achieved a greater sense of connection and freedom.” K. Vora

about Simmin’s yoga classes:

Yoga For YOU  Simmin offers a truly all-levels experience of yoga — beginning practitioners will benefit from lots of attention to healthy alignment, and yogis with an expanded practice will find plenty of opportunity to expand more.  With just a gentle touch of solemnity, the spirit of her classroom is a playful open-heartedness, full of laughter and whimsy, and a warm sense of community, even for first-timers.” Rob R.

Accessible and Fun  “Simmin has uniquely combined both a nurturing yet challenging style. She is charismatic and is able to make yoga accessible and fun. She exemplifies the essence of a great teacher; that is, she inspires you to achieve your goals and illuminates what yoga has to offer our lives.” Laura F.

Shift Your Body and Heart  “Being Simmin’s student is not just about learning to put my body into shapes that have no tangible purpose but also about putting my heart into places it is not necessarily familiar with.  More over, like any great teacher, Simmin provides opportunities for every student to leave knowing that she was able to do more today than yesterday.” Theresa A.

Enjoy Community/Cultivate Gratitude  “Simmin starts every class sharing a personal story from her recent experience and then relating it to the teachings of  yoga, offering her students an inspirational focal point to begin their practice. She is connected and engaged in the studio knowing when to slow a class down to perfect a pose or to take you to your edge. I look forward to Simmin’s class as a highlight of my week, a place where I can revel in the community or privately give thanks and focus on me.” Heather H.

Precise Instruction  “Simmin Joy’s  yoga classes are a joyful affair. From her opening reflection to her precise instruction, I have felt both comforted and challenged. Her teachings inspire honesty about the mental and physical barriers that most of us place around ourselves on and off the mat. If you are looking for an approachable and uplifting yoga class I would full-heartedly recommend Simmin.” Kate Maxey

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